Deer Processing

We will only be accepting CLEAN, BONELESS, FAT FREE, FRESH or FROZEN "NOT GROUND" deer meat.  We will process it into one of our fine sausage products.  The boneless meat can be fresh or frozen, but it must be from THIS YEAR's hunting season, and if frozen, not over eight weeks old.  Please use clear plastic FOOD GRADE BAGS or containers, such as Zip-Lock® bags, plastic containers or buckets.  We will not accept meat in grocery bags or trash bags because of chemicals, scents or pesticides used in these bags.  We also need your deer's metal tag number from the check in station or DNR website.

Processing Note

It will take 1.5 lbs of deer meat to make a 2 lb. Roll of sausage. It takes 2.5 lbs of deer meat to make 1 lb. of Jerky. It takes 1 lb. of deer meat to make 1 lb. of snack sticks. Finished weight on smoked sausage and brats will be 25% more than what you brought in.

We are NOT doing 3 lb. Rolls or Chubs. This year we will be making one size, 2 lb. Roll, instead.

Sugar Cured Smoked Deer Ham:  This ham was developed after a request from our hunter friends.  It is fully cooked so it can be eaten just as is, but for the holiday dinner, this ham should be reheated and covered with a glaze.  This is truly a meal fit for a royal family!  Let Rihm's custom process the hams from your deer.

2017 Pricing