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Interested in purchasing bulk beef or pork?

If you do not have your own animal for butcher, you are able to purchase whole and half beef or hog from us. Give us a call at 765-478-3426. 


Example:  If your steer weighs 1,100 lbs. live, it will most likely weigh 638 - 715 lbs. when slaughtered or "dressed".  This is 58% - 65% of the live weight. 

Example:  If your pork carcass weighs 185 lbs., expect approximately 111 - 139 lbs. of closely trimmed, mostly boneless eating meat after processing.  This is 60% - 75% of the dressed weight.

Below: To estimate how many pounds of each section you'll get, multiply the stated percentage times the total dressed weight.  Example:  Beef round at 23% x 650 lbs. dressed weight = approximately 149 lbs. of beef round before it is boned and trimmed to your preference.

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Processing Note:

  • Each animal is built differently.  One may have more muscle, fat or bone than the next.

  • Meat can be close-trimmed or left with some fat on.  Cutting preferences can determine quantity.

  • Meat can be boneless or bone-in.  This will make a difference in the weight and amount of meat you put in your freezer.

Below: Sample Beef and Hog Processing Sheets  * You will also have the option to take offals from your animal