We are a family dedicated to serving our community with fresh, quality meats. We know meat. It's just what we do and what we have been doing for generations. We believe that a good meal with good people is the best way to celebrate. 

Our Story

In 1890 George Rihm opened a meat market in Piqua, Ohio. Over the years he trained his five sons to help run the family business. In 1926 George's son, George Jr, moved to Cambridge City, Indiana and purchased the former Lee Meat Market, located on National Road 40. In 1945, George Rihm Jr. passed away, leaving the business to his wife Helen to run. During this time one of George's brothers would travel from his meat locker in Knighstown, Indiana and help his sister-in-law with work to help prepare for opening the market the next day. George had three sons, Tom, Bill and Walter, that usually worked at the market, however two of the sons were serving in WWll during this time. After the war, Walter and Bill returned home. Walter went to help his mother in the business in which he was raised and Bill pursued his own meat market dreams. 

In 1958 the Rihm's bought the New Lisbon Meat Locker so that they could expand their butchering line. In 1965, the Rihm's acquired the property west of the meat market in Cambridge City and expanded, creating Rihm's Food Ranch. With business booming, a new addition was needed.  In 1970 the construction of a new and modern processing and retail plant began. In 1972, after almost two years of design and building, the meat plant you know today opened its doors to customers. This new plant was ran and operated by Walter Rihm and his two sons Jim and Jerry. 

 Rihm's Food Ranch closed its doors in 2010 and began selling select meats to the neighbor grocery, Cutshaws Market. Before closing its doors, Rihm's Food Ranch provided jobs for several generations of Rihm children and family members. From slicing meats in the deli, stocking shelves with product or running the cash register, this store served as the "first job" for many Rihm youth.

Today, the meat plant is run by fourth and fifth generation Rihm butchers with the same passion as their great and great, great Grandfather once did.